Monday, 3 December 2012

Christmas Lyrics Glitter Garland

...and may all your Christmas's be White...
[a How To make, not How To spell]
What I Used:
Silver Glitter
Scissors/Craft Knife

My first ever How To post was a lyric art poster and I mentioned how I love any words / phrases that remind me of a song that I get stuck in my head for the rest of the day.  Around this time, one of my favourite songs to listen to as I decorate the tree, is White Christmas.  Its perfect for the build up and excitement of Christmas and what is to come before the day, so I chose this as my inspiration for a little handmade banner to hang in the window:

Easy and simple to make, I started this one evening and finished it the next, leaving a good days worth of drying time.  I used the same method as those used in this post.  Printing in grey my letters and then covering in silver glitter:
 Once dry I cut all the letters and then to a thin gold thread.  I really like the banners which are fixed 
by machine sewing a stitch across the tops to attach {you run the stitch, adding the letters one at a 
time and in intervals between words], however; I chose to hand sew mine with a running stitch as 
my machine is quite old and not really very happy at all to play ball with this:
Once I threaded all the the letters, I had a bit of room for manoeuvre and spaced them equally.  Once hung, I decided to cut the insides of the A, B, R and O letters with a craft knife as it made all the difference in seeing the words with the glow of street lights through the window as it gets dark.
I love how the letters change from day, glittery and sparkly silver - to the evening, when they cast shadows of the words or through the window:
Can you see what is wrong with this?   100 Gryffindor points.  I still can't find the ' I ' and so determined am I to find where it is hiding, I've not made a new one yet.  Is the principle of it.
Can we all just look at it from the side - then it just looks like it's hidden.....
I think I will make a few more of these, in different glitter colours and various sizes and text fonts - if you have a go, I'd love to see it and hear from you [].

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