Thursday, 20 December 2012

Cinnamon and Nut Pastries

My final baking attempt before Christmas and the kitchen is overwhlemed by Mulled wine, Snowballs and mince pies!
Super-duper easy and will keep you happy if you need something to tie you over between meals.

What I Used:
Jus Rol Puff Pastry Sheet
Mixed Nuts
Golden Caster Sugar

I love puff pastry, especially when it is premade!  They are so easy to buy, use and versatile - sweet or savory, they have never let me down and I am more than happy not to have to make my own!

The sheet also comes with it's own lining, perfect for using on the table top and for helping roll later. 
I rolled out the sheet and gave the pastry a brush with melted butter:
I then prepared my toppings: mixed nuts:
and a mix of golden caster sugar and cinnamon:
I then generously coated the pastry sheet with both:
Once happy with my filling [not too sweet, but enough to keep people full], I used the lining to
help me roll the pastry sheet widthways as tightly as I could:
Once rolled, I cut the pastry into small sections [around 10 pieces were cut, approx. 5cm in depth]
I then brushed the tops with butter and added more nuts and a sprinkle of sugar/cinnamon mix and transferred on to a baking tray, lined with baking paper:
Pop in the oven, at around 180 degrees C for about 20/25 minutes - or until golden brown:
remove from the oven...and enjoy!
Creating your own pastry rolls could not be easier and you can fill it with whatever taks your fancy - sweet or savory.  Next time, I plan to line the pastry with chocolate spread, just to make sure I get my calcium fix from them as well!
You dont have to make rolls either, you can fold the pastry sheet to create turnovers, or cut into strips and twist.
Whatever you fancy, give it a try!
Update: Mini swirls with chocolate, cranberries, nuts and bacon& brie? Step right up.
Want more Christmas treat ideas, including our Pudding teacakes, marshmallow pops, meringues and more?  Come this way.

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