Friday, 1 February 2013

Nutty Florentines

Oh. My. Goodness...Yum.
A friend brought some homemade Florentines into work last week and, wow.  I've not had them before - but I have made up for that since.  
Traditionally, Florentines include candied peel and sour cherries.  I am not the biggest fan of either, so my variation adds a healthy portion of mixed nuts to the almonds instead instead, I hope you don't mind though strictly speaking, this probably doesn't make them Florentines, does it?  On we go:

What I Used:
(Makes around 6-10 Florentines, depending how large you want your Florentines....I made 5.  yep.)
25g of unsalted butter
75g caster sugar
10g plain flour
65ml double cream
50g almonds
50g mixed nuts

Luckily, if you are feeling hungry, these are quick to make and quick to bake.  The perfect combination.  Start by melting your butter on a low heat and adding the plain flour.  This will 
seem like quite a small amount.  I wont lie, I thought I must have measured everything wrong, 
but go with it - all will be fine:
...mix well until fully blended:
I used a 50g portion of mixed nuts and 50g portion of flaked almonds:
...and added them to the mixture:
Stir in well until completely coated whilst still on a low heat:
Once fully mixed and of a sticky consistency, I filled a measuring teaspoon with the mixture and transferred on to a baking paper lined tray.  The florentines will spread whilst baking, so leave a good 2 inches between each biscuit:
...and then flatten with the back of a spoon:
...and pop in the oven at 190 degrees C for 12-15 minutes.  Once ready, they will be slightly browned around the edges and at least twice the size they were when you put them in!
Transfer the florentines from the baking tray on to a cooling rack.
Once cooled, remove from the baking paper to cool completely:
once set, turn over and cover the back with a healthy coating of melted chocolate.  I just used the back of a spoon to coat, but if you have a pastry brush, this will probably make it 100 times easier:
Leave to set and dry on the wire rack for around 20 minutes:
 and once dry and set, you will not be able to resist!
Make lots, they wont last!

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