Monday, 18 February 2013

Crochet Roundup - Part 2

As you may know, my camera has given up this week.  Not so great for a blog that is very photo-heavy [sorry about that] and largely consists of tutorials.....and I genuinely feel lost without it.
I don't think I can leave the blog for a week without getting serious withdrawal symptoms either, so I blog today with an update to my crochet progress [minus the photographic evidence] and some links to fantastic projects that have been helping me.

I posted a short while ago about how I have spent some time practicing stitches [single, double, treble] and creating rows and rows using different wool and crochet needle sizes.  This was great whilst trying to get a feel for my tension and the rhythm of stitching...but after a while - boring.  So I practiced joining and turned some of them into crochet jar warmers.  As you do.
Once I thought I had the hang of it all, I was keen to try other stitches [bobble, ring, slip stitching] and create something, other than a row.  I tried this fantastic tutorial and with a little practice, found myself creating crochet shapes that resembled hearts.  As soon as I have a working camera, I hope to post about this soon!

I have also been reading a few tutorials on some fab crochet blogs, in particular Planet June and Knit, Purl Gurl, which are giving me great inspiration for the future.  YouTube is also becoming my best friend in trying to chevron stitch - it's like having a personal tutor.  I think I am now at a stage where I would like to have an attempt at a few projects.  I've seen some gorgeous crochet books that would let me make small decorations for my favourite time of year, so I wonder if I should start having a go now [I'm already thinking crochet stocking advent calendars, I know!] ... but my overall aims are to have a cushion cover [or two] and throw - hopefully in the chevron stitch - let's see how the practice goes!

As always, I love hearing your recommendations or seeing what you are creating. Please contact me at - back soon with a camera, I hope!

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