Thursday, 7 February 2013

Valentine Heart Marshmallow

More Food?
Hello, this week is passing fast and I am struggling to keep up!
Do you remember this post from last year? Hmmmm.  I was keen to try it again and thought Valentines was the perfect theme for keeping the recipe simple and decoration minimal and giving it another go.  I used exactly the same ingredients and method, so wont bore you too much with the repetition, but do check back at the post if you are interested.  The main difference was I thought I'd try using my trusty ice cube moulds from Ikea for another non-ice project:
Getting the marshmallow mixture in them however; is a little more difficult than just
pouring into a bowl or tin:
At least you can be safe in the knowledge that yours can't look worse than this?!
On reflection, maybe piping the mixture would have been cleaner, but by the time you reach the later stages, the marshmallow mixture is well and truly sticky and on it's way to setting, so there's no neatness in getting them in to the moulds.  So I just went with it.....
...and they weren't too difficult to get out after setting....
....and they didn't look too bad:
...sort of heart shaped...most of them:
...and cute.
As I like to work backwards,  I think next time, I'll go for the classic square tin for setting and 
cut the marshmallow in to cubes, like you would if you had never made them before.....
Have a great day, see you tomorrow!


  1. You can make your own Marshmellows!!! How did I never know this. They are my favorite. I am totally trying this out. xx. McKenna Lou

  2. Oh I want to put one in my hot cocoa! Yum!


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