Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Nutella Hazlenut Chocolates

Happy National Nutella Day!
Today is National Nutella Day.  I kid you not.  This should not be a National day, this should be an International day and public holiday for all.  To celebrate I have made Ferrero Rocher type chocolates [inferior] - but they are G.O.O.D.

My mini heart ice trays have been well used in my cooking for anything but ice and I found this slightly larger version in Ikea which is perfect for my valentine themed everything at the moment.
To start, I melted a bar of Galaxy milk chocolate [and didn't even sneak a cube of it] and lined the moulds with a generous helping of it.  Leave to 'temper', I gave them another coating once set and left to the side to completely set.

Once set, I filled half of the mould with Nutella, learning my lesson from previous messes,
I piped the Nutella in:
and then placed a hazlenut in the centre, pushing into the Nutella to secure:
...and then filled the remainder with Nutella until just about full, flattening to almost fill the mould:
To finish, I filled the moulds with the remainder of the melted chocolate:
To make sure all the mould is full and to get rid of any air bubbles, give the mould a few slams on the worksurface and then leave to set in a cool area of the kitchen [for around 1 1/2 hours].

Once set, I transferred to the fridge to really cool the chocolate and try and minimise ruining it all at the very end when I remove them from the mould.  After around 30 minutes, I turned the mould over, gave a little tap on the surface and they didn't break!
Ta-da! So close - I very nearly managed it.  Alas, this is what happens when you heat processed chocolate and don't quite leave it long enough to temper.  This is also what happens if you don't line the moulds with quite enough chocolate.  Pants.
Disappointed, but never beaten, I remedied by mixing some caster sugar and hot water to create a sugar glaze and covered the chocolate:
If you want to add a little decoration, heat a metal spoon with steam from a kettle and run on top of the chocolate to melt slightly and then add chopped nuts, caramel or toffee chunks, or anything you fancy!
No matter what they look like in the end, these are seriously good, but rich - you'll only need one and if you can manage more, you are a better woman than me.  Happy Nutella Day!


  1. Oh my word... Not a good thing that I know this... I don't need anymore excuses lol!

    1. But you have the absolute, perfect excuse! Take advantage!


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