Friday, 15 February 2013

Love Letters

Following on from this post, I have a quick alternative which would save you if you have forgotten about Valentines.

It is made in exactly the same way, so I wont repeat the instructions, but if you have a 'your song', Wedding first dance song, favourite poem - this would be perfect for the detail.

I printed one of my favourite songs onto A4 paper, highlighting some words in pink and red for variation and cut my hearts:
I threaded lengthways by hand using a simple running stitch:

Then layered with pink hearts for a hanging garland:
I also threaded some width ways:
To create pretty mini-garland banners:
 ...and layered with other felt hearts for variation:
 Simple and pretty - these could save your bacon x


  1. I absolutely love how effective but simple these garlands are !

    1. Hi Anna, thanks so much - my favourite type of make - simple, quick and easy x

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