Friday, 11 April 2014

How to Make Brown Paper Nests

Last year, I made some simple paper flowers, made by curling card circles cut into spirals and those have inspired todays really simple and quick DIY for Easter treats - perfect when the weather calls for being outside more and the shops are making you buy Mini Eggs.

I made my nests out of brown paper, but if you have some tissue paper, pretty patterned card or wrapping paper - anything goes really.  I also wanted to make my nests fairly loose but large enough to hold a fair few eggs, so used a candlestick as my template, but a CD or bowl would also be the perfect size to create your circles:
Cut your circles out and then cut in to each to create a spiral, stopping when a circle around the size of a £2 coin is left as the base:
To create paper flowers, the paper is then curled from the outside until it reaches the centre, however; the opposite is needed to make the nests - used the base to start winding the spiral around, weaving the paper into the centre.  Tuck the end under the base and fix in place with some tape:
...rearrange the nest if needed and then fill with your mini chocolate eggs:

Perfect for small Easter treats [and larger ones if Creme Eggs are your jam].
These also look pretty good filled with eggs that aren't made of chocolate too:
Have a great weekend and see you next time x

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