Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Nail Varnish and Glitter Eggs

I have seen some beautiful hard-boiled egg creations on Pinterest and have been meaning to try some of my own for years, but there is something about having hard boiled eggs around that doesn't quite appeal to me, so I picked up these mini plastic eggs from HobbyCraft for the bank balance busting price of £1 for 18 ready to decorate and pretty up once and for all:
...even though they look pretty lovely on their own, really:
For the decoration, I decided to keep it simple, but return to the colour palette I have available to me in the form of nail varnish.  So many benefits - it dries incredible fast, only needs 2/3 coats and its even, not streaky and it has it's own, no need to clean, brush.  Perfect.  The smell disappears fast enough too, but that is the only downside:
The egss dont require any sort of preparation - just paint your nail varnish straight on.  I chose a pretty Spring coral, silver and gold and applied about 2/3 coats.  I placed the egg by folding some sticky tape in half and attaching to the table top to hold it steady and minimise the amount of nail varnish I managed to get on my fingers, turning over once dry to coat the entire egg:
Gently peel away the tape and you have some lovely coloured eggs:
...again, perfectly good to be left as they are, but....
I then added a large round of nail varnish to either the bottom or top of each egg [to create a dip effect] and quickly transferred it to sit in a small bowl of glitter [I know, not glitter glue!] and left aside to dry:
Tap off the excess and if you think they need it, cover the glitter with clear varnish or a good coating or hairspray to keep it all in place.  Arranged in a bowl they look pretty and lovely:
But I also have an idea to stack these in a clear glass and use it as a base for a plate of Easter treats [taking inspiration from creating your own cake plates]:
see you next time x


  1. I knew you couldn't finish a project without glitter! ;-)

    Great DIY as per x

    1. I know! It's more of a surprise to leave the glitter out ;)


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