Friday, 4 April 2014

How to Make Easter Name Holders

I'm taking to plastic figures with a craft knife again - this time, I'm after the hens and chickens.
They came from a huge pack of farm animals that I picked up in B&M for £2.99.
Rather than slicing them completely in half, I made cuts through the top centre, stopping at the middle to provide a little slot for name cards, place cards and food tags or whatever I choose to rest:
...and then it was back to my other favourite - nail varnish for a slightly more uniform finish:
....add a few coats:
...and then leave to dry [for around an least an hour]:
Once completely dry, they are ready to hold your important notices and messages:

 I'm using them for decorating a little early Easter bake sale we're having at work today:

So simple and fairly quick to whip up, these have got me on the look out for other plastic figures I can transform in to holders for parties - definitely something unique to incorporate in to a Wedding!

 see you next time x

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  1. Love this idea, so simple but sweet and of course birthdays for Easter/parties etc.



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