Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to Make Chocolate Meringue Nests

Last year, I made some simple meringue nests to present my mini eggs in for Easter and that post remains one of my most popular throughout the year, so I thought I would update it a little with a little inspiration from the Meringue Girls to colour them and a little added decoration.

I made my meringue mixture using the same ratios as the previous meringue posts - 1 white egg to 40g caster sugar.  Piping the nests, I made a range of sizes using a large round nozzle.... 
and then sprinkled the tops and sides with a little cocoa powder to colour them and covered the tops with a few chocolate sprinkles for extra decoration:
 Pop in a low heat oven for around 40minute - 1 hour:
...before filling with mini eggs:
If these are travelling anywhere, pop a little melted chocolate in the bottom before adding the eggs to hold them in place [not too hot though - it will dissolve the meringue!]
If you are going all out, these would be prefect little desserts with either a scoop of ice-cream [chocolate would be perfect!] in the base with chocolate eggs to decorate the tops, or a little chocolate cream.
see you next time x

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  1. Adorable! I fully intend on making these tomorrow morning for Easter brunch. Thanks for sharing.


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