Monday, 7 April 2014

How to Make Shortbread Easter Biscuits

A few weeks ago, I posted about my morning of icing experiments, so I decided to put what I had learned to the test with some simple pastel Easter biscuits.  This is also a little continuation from last years Spring Bicuit Lollipop decoration experiment, using cutters bought to create these.

I started with making up a batch of shortbread biscuits, using this recipe, but reducing the quantities and rolling the biscuits around 1/2cm thick.  This limits the spread that they will make whilst cooking:
  [To keep the biscuits in shape and with crisp lines, I removed them from the bake around 7 minutes in and re-cut them them - the limited spread means that only the very edges will be re-cut.  Thicker biscuits will spread much more, meaning you'll cut and waste much more of the biscuit].

Once completely baked [around 10 minutes], I made any final cuts and left them to completely cool and in the meantime, I mixed up some pastel coloured icing and loaded my piping bags to decorate using a few of the techniques I tried in the experiment post:
The spread of the flood icing is very dependant on how level the top of the biscuit is - this could have done with and taller layer of icing to line the biscuit and allow for more flood icing to completely level the biscuit surface out.

By far my favourite - a little trickier to navigate around the dots, but you can't beat a polka bunny:
But sometime, simple is just as good [and much quicker!]:

Leave to fully set for 10-15 minutes and they will be ready to eat, pack away or wrap:

If you are looking for a chocolate alternative, these might be just up someones street: 
see you next time x


  1. These are so cute! Thanks for the tips on icing too - i never thought to do an outline first then infill. It's much neater than my 'blob it on and hope for the best' approach ;-) Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Tutorials x #pintorials

    1. Thank you! Definitely not been something bad to practice! :)


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