Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Dip Glitter Paper Feathers

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a small project to spend a short amount of time on and after completing my Hillarys competition entry, I wanted to have a complete change and use up some card stock that I found after a recent supplies tidy up.  The card was in pretty shades of Spring and pastel – perfect for a little garland project.

My feather templates were also kept simple, drawn freehand with a google image search and this post for inspiration.  I drew two slightly different shapes, but kept the sizes to half of an A5 card sheet: 
I used nothing more than a pair of scissors to create my feathers and then closing them, used the scissor tips to trace the vein down the centre of each feather:
This created a scored line that could then be folded in to and shaped to give each feather some movement and add a little interest:
Really, the feathers could be completed here, either stuck or threaded to some string and hung where is can be seen, but you know I need to add a little glitter and sparkle somewhere, so I got my glitter glue out and painted the tips with a couple of coats to build up the colour:

Once dried, I added a little further detail to around half of the feathers by taking the scissors to them again and cutting sections to give a more feathered effect around the shapes:
 These are pretty enough to be stored together as a collective in a bowl or added to presents as tags, but I decided to stick mine to a thread and hang on the wall to catch a bit of Spring sunshine:

see you next time x

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  1. Your blog is just lovely, love your craft ideas! And good luck in the Hillary's Comp, your entry is gorgeous.
    I'll have to write a post about my craft space this week =)



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