Thursday, 24 April 2014

Canvas Cake Banners

The Bank Holiday [in the UK] weekend was a brilliant opportunity for me to tick another project off the 5 year old to-do list.  Well, at least make a start on it - so today I'm sharing the first version of a personalised cake topper - the banner garland.  All the cake toppers I am going to create will be based using these canvas fabric cuts - bought from my second home, Hobbycraft [p.s. they are on sale]:
Other than the strips, the only other materials needed are a pencil, ruler, template, scissors, pens/paint thread and needle/glue.  The templates to create my banners were made using the back of a packaging board and pencil and ruler to keep everything uniform - but you can create any shape/size you need:
Cutting out my template, I then drew round the template several times on to the canvas fabric in pencil and cut them out using fabric scissors:
I created a simple template of phrases and sayings that I wanted my banner to be decorated in and used this to trace on to the cut banners in pencil:
To define the letters, Sharpies or fabric pens would work just as well as my weapon of choice, paint.  I picked up this rose gold shade from B&M for £1.  Using a defined, slanted paintbrush, I traced over the pencil in fine strokes and left to dry [which took almost no time at all]:
 Next, to thread the banner - this could be completed a number of ways - whether you apply a thin layer of glue at the top of the back of the canvas and lay the thread to dry in place, fold over the tops to create a hem and enclosed the thread within it, tape the thread in place or thread it with a needle as I did:
 Finally, to attach the banners to something that will hold in place on top of a cake [whatever kind] - food skewers.  I attached them simply by tying a knot either end of the banner and trimming the ends:

So simple and can be recreated to give yourself a life time of garlands, banners and other pretties.
see you next time x

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