Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Alphabet Magnets

 Starting as I mean to go on this week, todays post is super quick and super easy, with pretty much no tutorial required - the result of what started as a magnetic noticeboard makeover, but for now, has been a makeover of the magnets.  

I've had a magnetic noticeboard for over 10 years [from Lakeland] and I've had these alphabet magnets for a quite a while now - neither have been used since I've moved - 5 years ago.  Deciding to put this right, I looked at taking apart the noticeboard and giving that a bit of diy, but realised that the problem, really, was the magnets.  Specifically the colour of them.  Nothing a can of gold spray paint can't fix.
I didn't prep the magnets in any way, but to help me keep them all together and not spray them 
around in the process, I put large sheets of paper between them and the magnetic noticeboard, 
which also helped protect everything:
I used a can of PlasticKote [£3.99], which didn't promise to fix to all plastics, but it did work for me:
I then took everything out in to the garden and sprayed several coats across the magnets:
...I couldn't help but treat the can like hairspray and think I got a little spray-happy in the process.  I used the whole can on the 104 letters - I'm not sure had I covered them with shorter, smaller and slightly more purposeful sprays that this would have happened.  Lesson learned.

Part One of the magnetic noticeboard makeover complete:
serious work on the second part required: although I was disappointed the can ran out, it's probably for the best - you know I now want to spray paint everything.  I bet they do a gold glitter version.....
see you next time x


  1. They do have a gold glitter version! I used it to Spray paint pumpkins last autumn :-)


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