Monday, 19 May 2014

White Pleather and Gold Phone Cases

Earlier this year, I made some changeable paper and card case designs, with a clear case [which I decorated with gold nail varnish and glitter, obvs.] and today, I have another personalised phone case project, that is a little more permanent and incorporates my favourite colour combinations [white & gold] with my favourite fabric [pleather].

This was a perfect Saturday afternoon craft and excluding the drying time, took only 30 minutes to make.  The design options are endless and I chose two fairly classic designs, but I'm definitely trying some more, so may update this post in the near future!

What I Used:
Clear iPhone Case [99p, eBay]
White Pleather Material [£3.99 for 1/2m, Dunelm]
Gold and Bronze Dylon Fabric Paint [£2.99 each, The Range]
Scissors / Paintbrush / Pencil / Hole Punch / Craft Knife
Washi Tape

This pvc 'pleather' is so versatile: durable, flexible and very easy to work with - perfect for this project.
Using my case as the template, I traced the outline and camera lens on to the back of the material:
...the material is easily cut with scissors, but for the more tricky area for the camera lens, I used a craft knife and then neatened the edges with small fabric scissors [thanks to Claire!]:
Next - although you could leave the cover as it is - on to the decoration.  I decided on classic and simple for my first attempts - stripes and spots, both created with the help of my washi tape.  Sticking a length of tape onto my cutting board, I used my ruler and craft knife to create some stripes:
...and sticking my tape onto some card, used a hole punch to create my spots [washi tape removed 
to be placed on my case with the help of my craft knife to separate the card and tape]:
I placed my shaped tape in place:
 ...and then began painting over the areas I wanted colour with Dylon fabric paint:
 The paint colour is applied in thin layers, meaning you can build it to exactly the opacity you want:
 ...the gold paint required 4 thin layers and the bronze six thin layers, each with only
around 10/15 minutes of drying time in between to ensure the paint didn't come away:
Once completely dry, I could start taking the tape away to reveal the patterns:
 Ta-da!  Simple but really effective case covers - let's get them finished.
Before gluing, make any final sizing checks and trim any excess if needed:
 ...cover the back with strong glue - anything that will ensure the cover and case will not come apart.
I didn't go right to the edges with the glue, as this would escape between the case and fabric as
soon as I applied any pressure and cause me a whole load of bother I definitely don't have time for: to make sure the edges were sealed, I pressed down on the case around the edges with 
my finger to move and guide the glue around:
Leaving to dry - this took around 5 minutes with my glue - and I got to using my new case.
I'm really pleased with the effects - geometric, colour combinations on the to-try list next!
see you next time x

P.S - I'm tinkering with the blog and unfortunately, as I'm completely self-taught; it will be in bits and bobs rather than a seamless change - thanks for bearing with me!


  1. They are lovely! I am usually a fan of polkadots but the stripes case is so cute!

    1. Thank you! I definitely think the bright gold stripes stood out even more with the white fabric background - I'm planning so many more for gifts - a really simple and quick craft [my favourite kind!]

  2. What a brilliant idea! So pretty! Thank you for linking it with us #Pintorial

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