Wednesday 21 May 2014

How to Make a Ombre Cord Curved Bar Bracelet

I'm still working my way through that to-do list and this is a contender for the longest-standing project.  I've had the components for this for 2 years.  2 years! - and it took no more than 20 minutes of my time, so I have no idea what my excuse is - it also explains my colour-combo choice, as for this time of year, I'd be choosing some pastels instead - next trip to craft city, I'm making these for Summer.

What I Used:
Cord Thread
Curved Bars
Bracelet Clasp and Findings
Jewellery Pliers
Glue Gun

The method is very simple and you can have this whipped  up in 20 minutes.  To begin, select your cord.  I chose three similar shades: light grey, dark grey and dark navy and bought 1m of each.  
I started by threading each cord with one of the curved bars: measure my first length of cord, I started from the centre of the underside of my wrist, 
around to the top of my wrist, ensuring the curved bar rested neatly on top and then wrapping 
back under, round and finishing again at the centre top.  
Cutting the thread, I then attached this with hot glue to the second cord - both ends flush:
 To hide this, the bar threaded on the second cord is moved to rest over the centre of the join:
...making the cord and change in colour seem seamless [if you have any trouble threading the bar over the join, trim the edges a little to help].
 Resting both curved bars on the centre top of my wrist, I then measured the second cord length by wrapping it around my wrist one time and making the cut:
 ..before joining the third cord in exactly the same way, hiding the join with the curved
 bar threaded on the third length of cord:
 ...this length was then cut when the thread reached the underside of my wrist, reaching the start of the first cord to complete the bracelet.  I decided to keep the design simple, with one loop of each cord, but you can repeat these steps as many times for as many stacks you like.
Next, finishing with fastenings.  I chose clasps as they are incredible secure and easy to use:
 Take a clasp and place the end of the cord inside - use pliers to close the clasp to secure the cord in place [the clasp will be a pyramid shape]: secure the cord, flatten one side down flat with the pliers  [you can also close the clasps without jewellery pliers if you don't have them, e.g. scissors - but I am terrible for using incorrect tools!]:
...and then close the other half flat and flush on top: 
 ...using the pliers to help open and close the join of the fastening, attach this to the end of the clasp:
 ...and repeat on the opposite side:
 And it really is as simple as that:
...stacked with other jewellery pieces on on their own - I'm a little bit in love with how 
simple they are - dressed up or down:, if you are new to jewellery making, this would be a perfect project to get you on your way.
see you next time x


  1. Oh my days I love this! I've been meaning to do something similar but as a necklace, still got some supplies hanging around from when I did silversmithing but keep not finding the time for it. WOuld love it if you linked this up with Tuesday Tutorials on my blog sometime x

    1. I'll be there and I'll bring the Prosecco! :)

  2. fantastic!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE these! So easy to make. However, the glue isn't strong enough. Both bracelets came apart within hours of making them. Any tips?

    1. Hello! That's such a shame - I have two alternatives to fabric or hot glue for you.
      The first is sewing - thread your needle through each cord at around 1/2cm from the end - don't pull the thread tightly - just so that the ends meet. Then, with the needle and thread still attached, wrap the thread around the join to cover it tightly. Knot through the wrapped thread to secure and cut away the excess.
      The second is using a clasp end - remove the loop fastening from the end of the clasp with wire scissors so that only the claw remains. Catch each cord end either side of the clasp and use your pliers to flatten the clasp tightly around the cord ends. To make sure the cord still fits through the curved bar, use your pliers to fold and mould the clasp around the cord.
      I hope my explanation makes sense! Do let me know if either works for you x

  4. Its beautiful curved bracelet and you did the best job and seems very pretty and cool. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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