Friday, 30 May 2014

Lion Moneybox

Make pocket money savings a little safer with this simple craft - using a Decopatch figure 
and can of spray paint.  

This quick and easy project is complete in a few steps and is the perfect craft for older children [supervised with the craft knife].  Decopatch have a range of animal figures, so this can be adapted to any of them, depending on the maker.  
My Goddaughter is obsessed with the Lion King, so there was no contest.

What I Used:
Decopatch Lion [£2.99 HobbyCraft]
Gold Spray Paint [£3.99]
Ruler / Pencil / Craft Knife

To start, mark on the top of the figure the coin slot, using a pencil and ruler [and the thickest 
and largest coins] to guide the size:
 Using a craft knife, cut the hole - I found small, pressured cuts rather than a sawing action 
worked best and prevented me from breaking my craft knife or cutting too far:
...neaten the cut and use small scissors if the craft knife doesn't allow you to create a clean cut.

Next, move on to the bottom of the figure to mark the opening.  
This can be as small or large as you like - but will only require three sides to be marked, 
creating a door that can be opened and closed: 
 ....cut the three sides in a similar way to the coin slot:
 Open the cut door [use a ruler on the side that has not been cut to help guide a straight hinge] - this will reveal the layers of newspaper that have been used to create the figure.  Neaten this up by coating the layers with glue and then use bulldog clips, or paperclips, to hold the layers together as they dry:
Once the glue has dried, it's gold spray time.  Get yourself in a very well ventilated area [if the 
rain holds off, the garden is best] and place your figure in a box to prevent the surrounding area.  
Spray in short, controlled bursts and coat the figure as many times as necessary and ensure the 
figure is fully coated.  Leave to dry completely:
....and he's done.  Your golden Lion King is ready to be displayed:
[the finished 'door', which can be easily opened or closed when needed and sits flush when closed]
He's on guard, protecting your pocket money:
see you next time x


  1. What a great idea with the decoupage figure! Love the golden lion king!!

    1. Thank you! I'm so tempted to buy more to make one for myself - they have a horse, which I think would be fab!


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