Friday, 16 May 2014

Hanging Banner

Last month, I posted a cake topper DIY, which was in the style of a mini banner.   Today, I am supersizing the deal with this hanging banner for the hallway to seize the day and give me a bit more purpose, rather than early morning stumble, in my step.

What I Used:
Canvas fabric square [8"x8"]

[right-click the image above to save to your computer and print]

Paint / Paintbrush
Needle / Embroidery Thread

Using a square from the same pack of canvas fabric squares [8" x 8"] used for the cake banner:
 I printed a quick template to trace of my chosen phrase:
...outlining the lettering with pen [just so you know, gold Sharpie pen does not translate as gold sharpie pen on to this fabric], washi taping the fabric to the paper to the window to help me on what was a sunny, raining, sunny than raining day again:
...I then filled in the phrase lettering with gold [of course] acrylic paint:
It only took around 30 minutes to dry completely and I tidied up any sparse areas with a
second coat where needed:

To create the banner shape, I used the template to mark the bottom and rather than cut along these lines, made a cut that followed from the bottom centre of the fabric to just below the highest point of the banner, allowing me to fold the shape into the fabric, reducing any nasty/difficult fraying:
To neaten and add a little detail, I decided to add some hand sewing and needlework by hemming and outlining the banner with a dark gold embroidery thread.  If this isn't your jam, all could be made secure with clear drying glue to prevent fraying.
Starting from the top corner down the side:
...trimming and folding the corners to neatly hem the banner:
...before following up the opposite side back to the top.

I decided rather than buy doweling, [which would have required forward planning and organisation], I'd use something I had readily available to me - a skewer.  I cut the sharp end away with a sharp knife and a little muscle - and then gave it a very quick fine sand with a nail file [no expense spared].

To secure the skewer to hang the banner, I kept the embroidery floss threaded, folded and pressed the top into a hem that was wide enough to fold over the skewer:

At each side, where the top hem and side hem met, I secured the fold in place with a tight knot 
at the bottom of the hem, creating a little loop in the fabric for the skewer to thread through.  To create my hanging, I allowed a length of the thread in excess between each knot:
Trimming the excess to neaten, I cut away any frayed edges and excess material, pressed with the iron:
[If you want to prevent the fabric from further fraying, secure with either a brush of clear-drying glue, or even
 clear nail varnish [or coloured if you are after that effect] which will seal it all in place].

...before finally, I threaded the skewer either side to hang:
Bit of motivation as I leave the house in case the coffee hasn't done it's job.
see you next time x

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