Monday 12 May 2014

How to Make a Speech Bubble Noticeboard

Previously, I have made pins to try and make my noticeboard a little less 'blah', until I realised my noticeboard was the problem.  Project DIY!

What I Used:
Corkboard Roll [£9.99 HobbyCraft]
Scissors / Pencil
Gold acrylic paint / paintbrush
SPeech bubble print out

The corkboard comes in a roll - but you could also recreate this project with any noticeboard, removing the frame - perfect way to up-cycle or make over something you may already have:
This roll was fairly thin, so depending on your pins, you may want to 'double-up' your corkboard layers to make sure you don't end up pinning everything to the wall as well!

I started by printing and cutting out a speech bubble of the size and shape I wanted [you could also draw this free-hand] and traced the outlines on to the corkboard in pencil:
The corkboard is thin and flexible enough to be cut with scissors, but do be careful that you bend the scissors around the coarkboard for any hard angles.  If you bend and twist the coarkboard, it will tear - but if this does happen, you can fix this with a little strong glue:

Once cut, the coarkboard was a little moulded to the roll, so a few heavy books and a film later, I began sketching in pencil the 'hello' I wanted for the centre of the noticeboard:
To make the wording stand out, I used basic acrylic paint [in gold, of course], a cheap paintbrush and traced over the pencil marks with a good coating of the paint:
Once dry, top up any sparse or any areas that need a little extra definition:
...and you are good to go!  
Attach to your wall, either with removable frame hanging strips [my favourite weapon of choice as a renter] or if you use corkboard roll, blue tac can be just as strong.  Simple and easy way to make a statement -
looks just as good with no pins as it does with.
 A little cluster of these with various sayings would look fab and, for a list-maker like me, would be the perfect place to collect my to-dos.  Whatever your colour scheme, these could be personalised - I'm making some more of these for my god-daughters with their names on so they can separate their bits and bobs [drawings and stickers] on their own noticeboard.
[DIY your pins here and here]
see you next time x


  1. Cute idea with the names! Love the gold lettering on the board too!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm also creating some comic-book style versions - I could get quite addicted!

  2. Great idea as ever! I too am a fan of the removable strips for hanging things :-)

  3. This is so cute! Love the little yellow hello! I would love it if you had a minute to come by and link up at The Makers link party over on my blog. :)

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