Friday, 23 May 2014

White Chocolate Croissants

During the week, I am a terrible breakfast person.  It is always grabbing an apple/banana that I eat on the short walk to the train station, followed by much coffee as soon as I get to the office.
At the weekends, it's a different story [mainly beacuse breakfast is at 11am and I can organise myself by then].  One of my favourites is a Bacon and Brie Twist, but adding to that and a Bacon Sandwich, I'm all about the croissant.  The white chocolate croissant.  As it's bank holiday weekend, why not treat yourself with this calorific, sort-of-handmade breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack?  

What I Used:
Croissant Dough
White Chocolate spread

Add a spoonful of white chocolate spread in the centre of each croissant triangle and spread
 it across the dough, leaving a generous 2cm edge: 
Around the edge of each triangle, spread some melted butter and then starting from the shortest
 side of the triangle, roll the dough to the point of the triangle as tightly as possible [this will make
 sure as little as possible of the white chocolate escapes during baking]:
Arrange the croissants on a tray, coat the tops in a thin layer of melted butter and pop in the oven:
....once golden brown, remove and serve straight away:
see you next time x
P.S - it's the Bank Holiday weekend, so you are totally allowed these guilt-free.

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  1. Oh my... these look delicious. The youngones would love to make them.


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