Monday, 26 May 2014

Glitter Foam Party Decoration

Todays post is perfect for Bank Holiday reading - a simple, quick and easy craft that makes a fantastic decoration with impact - no glue, sew, time [or much effort] required!

What I Used:
Glitter Foam Numbers ['6', '0', 99p each, HobbyCraft]
Candle Stones [£1.99, Sainsburys]
Skewers [50p, pack of 100, Asda]
Milk Bottle

In preparation for my Dads big 6-0, I'm trying to get together some easy-to-travel decorations 
as we'll be celebrating away from their home - these prove to be perfect for taking away with us
 and from some simple items, make great high-impact decorations.  
Simply, I took two skewers and pushed them in to the bottom of each foam number:
...with the candle stones, I filled a milk bottle, these then become a perfect base for the sewers:
 ...they hold the skewers in place, but they can be moved about if you need.
 Lastly and to make more of a feature of the decorations, I placed them in front of a chalkboard 
frame [DIY here], which will have a few notes to Dad written on on the day:
The foam numbers also come in letters - perfect for any larger/longer personal messages or banners.
see you next time x

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