Wednesday 4 February 2015

How to Make an Animal Ring Jewellery Holder

I decided it was time for me to make my own [I'm only 2 years late to this trend, right?]

Snowy Sundays are made for projects like this - something I could make, potter about and then have on display within an hour or so [number of coffee breaks determining].  

What I Used:
Plastic figure [from same set I used to make this, this and this]
White Nail Varnish [I love a good nail varnish project - here, here and here] / White Paint
Display Stand / Plate / Bowl

 The method couldn't be more simple [or quick] - simple paint a plastic figure with your coloured nail varnish / coloured spray paint until completely covered and leave to dry:
[I can hear the gasp you made that this is not a). gold or b). covered in glitter ;) ]

You can be much more adventurous in your chosen colour or pattern and design than me - this is where nail varnish is the perfect covering in my eyes - multiple colours, quick drying and supplied with it's own brush that's great for detail and that you don't have to clean!

Once dry, select your display stand of choice and with ceramic glue [or any fastener - if you would like to have your stand back at some point, a hot glue gun, double sided tape or a strong temporary fix will make the figure hold it's position without too much effort to remove it at a later date] attach the legs in place.  My giraffe had a little back leg lift, which I decided to keep and not re-mould because, sass:
Allow to dry and there you have it, a fun display stand for your jewellery.  
The neck is perfect for holding rings and the plate can display any earrings, brooches and any other smaller items:
see you next time x

For something a little less animal - these DIY jewellery displays are also great:


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