Monday, 9 February 2015

How to Make a Stamped Notebook

Last month, I posted a simple DIY in which I tried out my newest crafting purchase, a letter stamp punch kit.  Today, I have another DIY using the kit on every stationery addicts staple - the notebook.  This is a great idea for gifts as any word, slogan, quote, lyric or phrase can be stamped on to the front, immediately transforming the plain notebook to a personalised present.
The technique is fairly simple and I found the practice gained embossing this wallet invaluable for feeling confident in my placement of the stamps [you can read more about the kit and testing here].
Lining my notebook with clear tape, I gave myself a guideline for my stamped wording:
...and began to make my impressions:
 ...until complete:
Remove the tape and give the stamped area a wipe clean to remove any residual from the stamps:
...and your personalised, embossed notebook is complete - ready to use or be given away.
I've been making a few recently for new Mums and professional list-makers.
see you next time x

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  1. I so want a letter punch kit, these techniques look amazing x

    1. Hi Rachael, It was definitely worth the price - around £15 (incl. p&p) on eBay - have a search if you are interested, there are a couple of different versions x


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