Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How to Make Tassel Gift Tags

You probably don't have to be a visitor to this site for any length of time longer than 2 weeks to learn of my present wrapping obsession.  Another obsession you may also have found is tassels. Big fan.  Today, I'm combining my love of both to make simple and easy present tassels to dress up your gifts.

What I Used:
Decorative Card
Scissors / Tape

Making the tassels is really easy, but they look great and are a fab way of transforming a plain wrap.
Cut a length of card [the width will depend whether you want to make a small or large tassel
 - for this DIY, I cut an A5 length of card, at a width of 8cm].
Along the full length, make cuts around 6cm in depth:
[these can be as uniform as you wish - you can mark equal increments, or go by sight]
With a red ribbon length, I created a loop, which I fixed in place with tape at one end of the
length of card, in place where cuts had not been made in the card:
Next, I rolled from that end to the other, pulling tightly and then fixing in place with tape to secure:
[after this DIY and before giving the present, I decided to cover the clear tape with glitter
 washi tape - you can never have too much glitter in one project].
...and it's as simple as that - create more to add to monogram tags or on their own:
see you next time x

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