Monday 2 February 2015

How to Make Stitched Paper Sweet Favours

Sometimes, there's no reason [let alone a day] when you want to show someone they mean something to you - this is a quick, easy and simple DIY to make a sweet token to give to someone you love.

What I Used:
Baking Paper
Scissors / Needle / Thread / Pen

I'm using baking paper for my sweet pouches as I like that you can just see through the paper and it's also thick and durable enough to be stitched without tearing, but any paper, card or anything that can be torn open will also work.

You don't have to sew these, whether by machine or hand [but mine was out and I'm finding any excuse to use it at the moment] - glue, tape or staplers would also work in fixing the paper in place.

Sweet Bags
The method for creating these pouches is a useful one to have in your crafting arsenal, as they made great mini gift bags too and are very easy to make.
Start by cutting a rectangle of paper on the fold [any size you like - the bigger, the more sweets it can hold!] - don't worry about exact measurements or straight lines too much:
Stitch along the side and the bottom:
Then fill your pouch with sweets:, close your pouch by folding it in the opposite direction to the bottom seam - 
bringing the side seam to meet the middle of the opposite side of the pouch:
...which creates the triangular pouch.  Stitch in place:
...and then neaten the threads by tying a knot and then trimming the ends.  
Also trim the seams to neaten them too:
These little pouches are ready to hand out and be torn open to reveal the contents:

Sweet Heart Pouches
Now, these don't fit as many sweets as the pouches, but they look cute and can be easily adapted
 for any occasion.  Start by cutting two hearts from your baking paper:
...add any notes [I've used pencil here, but I'd recommend using pen - as you'll see later on]:
...and then stitch your hearts together until you reach a gap that will allow you to add your sweets: was at this point I traced over the writing with pens to really make them stand out
 and be more of a statement of the sweet pouch, before adding my sweets and then continuing to
stitch around the heart:

Neaten the threads by securing the ends with a knot and trimming the ends, then follow with 
scissors to neaten the edges of the paper:
washi tape them to some card, add string to make tags - these would make great favours too.
see you next time x

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