Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How to Make Honeycomb Hearts

You know I love honeycomb - what better way to symbolise that than with a honeycomb heart?

What I Used:
Die Cut Felt Hearts
Hot Glue Gun / Fabric Glue / Strong Glue
Lined Paper

P.S - before we start - apologies for the blinding contrast in some of these photos.  Classic English weekend weather [read: every type of weather].
As long as it has a line of symmetry, any pre-cut, store bought or hand cut shapes can be turned
 into a honeycomb embellishment or decoration.  Whether fabric, paper, card or tissue paper, cut
 your shapes in half, down the line of symmetry [but alway keep one full shape for later]: 
To easily mark your honeycomb lines, I'd recommend using lined paper.  For more complex patterns
or varied lines [like for this honeycomb embellishment], you can easily create your own guidelines, 
but for smaller embellishments, that will only have two patterns of honeycomb, lined paper works 
as a great guide:
Firstly, line one of your cut shapes up to the guidelines and apply glue to the lines marked '1':
...add on top a second shape and apply glue to those lines marked '2':
...and continue this pattern of adding a shape and applying glue in an alternate pattern of '1' and '2'.
Once your stack is complete [for the wrapping embellishment, I used 21 cut shapes], neaten the 
edges where any glue may have shown through and check all your pieces have stuck - if not, add any extra glue at this stage [its easier now than once the embellishment is formed]:
Finally, with the one full shape you kept aside for later, glue one half to the stack:
Open up your honeycomb and make the other side meet the full shape and glue in place [it may need a little moulding in place and might not fit the shape flush, but as long as it can be held in place, it will sit neatly as an embellishment:
Thread, stick or tie to your present and your love themed gift wrap is complete.  
But this embellishment isn't limited - use as a card or tag embellishment, add to canvas for some unique artwork or use as a hair clip, tie or band accessory.  Keep adding layers until you double the stack to create beautiful 3D decorations that you can hang - what would you use it for?
see you next time x

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