Thursday, 2 May 2013

How to Make a Woollen Tassel Garland

Happy May! Today, I post about a slightly different version to the tissue paper tassel garland and suede tassel I have previously made, also with a slightly different technique that requires nothing more than a piece of cardboard, scissors and wool.  
I wanted to make two different sizes of tassel for my wall garland, so cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle, with the longest side at around 10cm and the sides at around 7cm:
Turning a length of wool around the longest length 20 times, 
I removed carefully from the cardboard, keeping the wool in place and then cutting a short 
length of the same colour wool and tying around, at about 2cm in from one end:
Trim the ends of the tie to neaten and then take your scissors to the opposite end and place 
in the loop of the wool, cutting to get an even[ish] length for the tassel:
Tidy any out of place ends and you have your mini tassel:
I made a few in white and mint green and created a few tassels by wrapping the wool around the shorter length of the cardboard for a little variation.  With a length of white and cream twine, I simply attached each tassel with a knot, fastened at the back to keep in place and keep the finish neat:
...and hung with my washi tape garland from yesterday above my desk:

Using the wool in light, bright colours completely changes the cosy/Winter feel of using wool and is a softer effect than using cooler/darker colours.

I think this area will keep changing - which is why these mini garlands are perfect for a quick change but with a big effect on brightening and cheering up the space.

I'll be back with a quick post later about a little project I have set myself for May.

See you tomorrow for a cheesy post x

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