Friday, 17 May 2013

Watermelon Granita

Finally, we had the weather to enjoy these!
Yesterday started the same as every other this week - misty, grey and wet.  By the time 4pm 
rolled around, Mother Nature made up for it.  I have a nice 15 minute walk home from the 
station and had practically stripped by the time I got there - I was so glad that after the first half 
of the week, I had these made from the weekend to enjoy when I got in.

What I Used:
1/2 a watermelon
Seriously, just 1/2 a watermelon

...and here's the just-as-easy way to make it.
In a blender, place cut chunks or watermelon [don't worry about the seeds] and blitz to a puree:
Strain the watermelon to separate the pulp and seeds and keep the juice:
Transfer into a fairly shallow freezer-safe tupperware container and set in the freezer for
around 3 hours. 
Every 25 minutes or so, whisk the mixture with a fork to fluff and flake the mixture
[this will also stop the mixture from becoming icy as the water separates].
After around an hour and a half, when the mixture has started to set, you can add 50g of sugar to add crunch.  As the watermelon was sweet enough and I have been making more than enough sweet treats recently, I didn't add any additional sugar.

After a few hours, your granita will be ready to flake and serve:
[Could not resist the neon sugar crystals I found in the supermarket to decorate the glass with]
These can also be easily made with ready made juices, pouring into a freezer-safe tupperware container and whisking with a fork every 25 minutes or so.  I used a ready made blueberry and a lemon & lime juice:
Perfect for between courses, as a refreshing starter or dessert or just whenever you fancy [which is apparently always for me as there is none left].  Cover with a lid and leave in your freezer.

Note: If you are using other 'less-watery' fruits to create your granita, I would recommend adding up to around 100ml of water when blitzing in the blender, but add in small amounts until you get a consistency that you like - I a very water-heavy fruits, so didn't need to add any additional water.

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