Thursday, 30 May 2013

How to Make an Ombre Tissue Paper Flower Pom Pom Garland

Last year, I made large tissue paper Flower Pom-Poms for my Birthday and I've wanted to try out some different styles ever since.  Over the Bank Holiday weekend, I made some smaller versions with a different 'petal' that I can have around for Summer [I felt like it was here then], so set about making these during Britain's Got Talent with scissors and a stapler.

I bought one 'Fire' Tissue paper pack from HobbyCraft which was more than enough to create one pom-pom from each of the sheets [10 in total], but I just used the white, pastel yellow, pastel orange and dark orange colours to create an ombre effect. 
To start, I unfolded one sheet and used the already marked folds to cut four lengths
[two folds in width] of the tissue paper:
Stack on top of each other:
...and fold in half width ways to mark where to cut to create 8 tissue paper layers:
Folding the paper along the shortest length, fold once at around 2cm, turn over and fold the opposite way and continue this until you reach the end [around 7 folds in total]:
Fold the fan in half across the length to mark the middle and staple the centre with one or two staples:
Now cut the shape of the flower petals.
In my previous How To, I cut a rounded point, so opted for a softer round at each end:
Turn the fan on to its side and spread out one end:
Now take one layer, starting from the outsides, at a time and separate it from the edge and pull away
 towards the centre [be careful, but if you have a few rips or tears, it really doesn't matter once
all layers are separated]:
Continue with each layer until each of the 8 layers are separated:
...and repeat on the opposite side...until you have a completed flower pom pom:
I strung mine together with the colours fading from dark in to light and back out again, from the centre with a light thread.

Brightens up the wall behind my bed, I'm planning where in the house I need more:
see you tomorrow x


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  1. Brilliant Flowers but please could you tell me the dimensions of the paper you used as I haven't got the same paper and don't want to waste it trying random measurements. Thank you.


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