Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cantaloupe Melon Frozen Yogurt

CantaloUpe! CantaloUpe!  Ugh.

I love, love, love frozen yogurt and WHEN IT IS HOT [#inyourowntimeMotherNature] favour it over chocolate, crisps and the other sweets that I have been eating over what feels like the longest winter ever.  I wish we had a Pinkberry I could visit, but as we don't, I had a go at making my own frozen yogurt and I am pleased to say that it is as easy and tasty as I hoped.  I made this yogurt to be eaten on the same day, so to help the process along, I cut up and froze a whole cantaloupe melon the night before:
Transferred into a blender and blitzed it as much as it will allow:
next, I added 500ml of low fat natural yogurt and blended until smooth:
To remove any excess water, I lightly strained through a sieve:
Before transferring in to a freezable tupperware container and left in the fridge for around an hour:
I made this at around 9:30am, and after the first hour, churned the yogurt every hour until serving in the evening around 8:30pm, when it was of a soft scoop consistency.
Really fresh and subtle in taste - I highly recommend and I cannot wait to try some other flavours - I'm thinking peach, grape and kiwi are next on my list. x

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  1. I LOVE fro yo! I bet cantaloupe is super refreshing!


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