Thursday, 9 May 2013

Choux Pastry: Sorted - Chocolate Profiteroles

Profiteroles? Sorted.

Have you ever visited  I am a complete addict and as I work my way though their recipes [and videos], they have never failed me - today, I have the results of using their choux pastry recipe to make a few profiteroles and eclairs [which you'll see the results of soon].  Like the cooking and baking I like, it's simple, much easier that you may think and delicious!
You start with unsalted butter, added to water, bringing to a simmer and then add 
plain flour - beat to death and until you feel your arm will fall off to combine all and 
until the pastry forms together and doesn't stick to the pan:
 Transfer in to a cool bowl and continue to beat with your whisk to cool the pastry down a little.
Next, 4 eggs need to be added - one at a time, with the next only being added once the previous is fully combined.  I cannot tell you how much my arm ached after - but just imagine the lack of bingo wings, put on a fast song and imagine the reward once this is all over:
 Transfer your pastry mix into a piping bag and on to a parchment lined tray, pipe rounds [trying to keep them as much of a similar size as possible]:
 ...flatten your rounds with a little water on your finger to press any 'peaks' down
[and help keep the profiteroles in a round]:
This mixture makes around 80 small profiteroles.  Yes, 80.  If this is too much [I made servings for 6 people, so this was perfect - I needed the extra 2 for quality control], adjust your ingredient measurements accordingly, or you can save and freeze the pastry [but use within a week or so for the best taste].  Pop in a pre-heated oven at 210 degrees C for 15 minutes....
...and voila.  Magic.
Allow to cool [this takes only around 10 minutes] and in the meantime, whip up some whipping cream.  Transfer into a piping bag and make a small hole [use the end of a spoon] to then fill each profiterole:

To finish, I melted and then dipped the top in some Candy Melts:
stacked in a bowl and ate them all in about 5 minutes.  Perfect.
I cannot tell you how impressed everyone was with their dessert - by far, one of the best desserts
I have ever made - new favourite! x


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