Friday, 10 May 2013

How to Make a Latte Milkshake

Most humans are 70% water.  Not me, Sir.  No - I am 70% coffee.  I am pretty sure I am at the state where I can't function without it, yet I have it so often I can drink it at 10pm with no effect on my ability to fall asleep.  That's probably bad.

What I Used:
1 shot of espresso
4 scoops of icecream
1/4 pint milk

Every morning starts the same for me - with a strong latte, but over the bank holiday and at weekends, the mornings are a little later and as the weather was warmer [over the bank holiday at least], I decided to treat myself to my own version of a 'Bucks iced coffee with a latte milkshake.
Really easy but so, so good, probably not for the everyday, but treat yourself once in a while with one. - start with an espresso shot:
 ...leave to cool and then add it to 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream [I used an own brand soft scoop - nothing fancy] and 1/4 pint [250ml] of milk and churn in a blender or use a whisk to combine:
 Pour in a glass and enjoy:
I usually have sugar with my coffee, but find this more than sweet enough.
If you fancy spoiling yourself even more, why not make a caramel sauce to either blend, or add to the bottom or sides of the glass before you pour it and whip up some cream for the top? Awesome.

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