Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How to Make Coffee Cream Eclairs

Profiteroles and now eclairs, Sorted.

Hello and Happy Monday.  I'm back with the next Sorted choux pastry based recipe - eclairs!  Never attempted before, but just as simple as the profiterole recipe from last week - these went down even better over the weekend and in terms of creation - take even less time, so perfect for impressing your friends on a tight time schedule.  Win.

Using the same recipe mix, but quartered, I made my pastry, filling a piping bag but not adding a nozzle.  This gave me a circle around 2cm in diameter to pipe out long rows of pastry, using water to help flatten down the ends and round the eclairs:
Pop in an oven for around 20 minutes [keep a check as ovens vary and you may need a little more or less time] at 210 degrees C:
Magic [and relief that it worked!]  Leave to cool and then cut around one half:
In the meantime, I made up a coffee icing mixture to cover the top, but you could melt chocolate, 
create some caramel or go crazy with sprinkles for your topping depending on your taste.
To 1/2 a teaspoon of coffee, I added a table spoon on icing sugar and a few drops of water to mix.  Then, adding a teaspoon of icing sugar at a time with a drop of water to taste and an amount 
to cover the number of eclairs I made:
I whipped up some whipping cream and with a piping bag, filled the centre of each eclair and then covered the top with a generous helping of coffee icing:
I also took some spare profiteroles from the freezer, filled them with cream and dipped the tops in
 the coffee icing - so good.
seriously good.
Created in an hour, these are now in my 'quick fix' recipes to impress file.
Highly recommended - do let me know if you try x


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