Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Jewellery Frame

The idea for this was mainly to organise and keep together my studs - I don't have a lot, but the ones I do have are all over the place, so this seemed a neat and easy way to store them in the same place.

I live in a rented apartment, with strict rules about hanging pictures etc. [boo!], so most things I store are on table tops or leaning against the walls.  I always have thought this to be all New York Carrie's loft apartment-y, but everytime someone comes over they ask if I need help hanging everything up, so I may need to work on that.  In the meantime, I bought a trusty IKEA Ribba box frame in white, 9 inch x 9 inch [ish] and removed the glass component to have an open box:
To create the rolls that hold everything in place, I used 9 sheets of A4 white felt [50p each from here, but if you are in no rush, you may find cheaper elsewhere].  Take each sheet, cut the width to the same as the inside box frame and from one end, tightly roll to the other:
I found this to be of a thickness and size I liked, however; roll two sheets or more together if you want to create larger rolls.  If you want a bit of pattern or colour in your life, either add a fabric sheet pattern side down underneath the felt, then roll so that the pattern sits on top - or once rolled, cut a smaller piece of fabric to cover the roll.
Pack each roll into the box until full - I used 9 rolls in total, which were compact enough to hold items when placed between each roll, but not so tight that they bunched and lost shape.

...and that is pretty much it.
No glue, no permanent features, so you can change the look and use of this as and when.
Add your jewellery:

and you're good to go.

See you tomorrow x


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