Monday, 24 June 2013

White Chocolate Cup Strawberry Mousse

Oh, Nadal.  I think I might need to eat both of these to myself tonight.

Strawberry mousse, or any flavour of mousse really, is another dessert I love, but was never really sure how to make and convinced it was a along process.  Unfortunately for my thighs, its simple and if you whip it up in the morning/at lunch time, it ill be ready for dinner dessert.  Perfect.

What I Used:
makes 4 chocolate cups
based on this
1 egg white
25g caster sugar
100g strawberries
75ml double cream
White chocolate chips
meringue and strawberries to decorate

For the chocolate cups, I used silicon cupcake cases as my mould.  How much chocolate you melt is entirely up to how thick you want your cups, but these are best made by coating a thin layer, putting in the fridge to set and then adding another until of a thickness you like [and at least thick enough to hold the mousse and to be taken out later]:
 P.S - It does not have to be pretty!
Once your cups have been created, you can start the mousse.  
I blended 100g [this was around 4 large] strawberries until pureed.Next, I whisked my
 double cream until thickened and then added the puree, whisking again until combined:
In a separate bowl, I whisked my egg white until thick and then added the caster sugar, whisking well until glossy and peaks are formed.
A spoonful at a time, I folded in the puree to the egg white, keeping as much of the air in as possible:
...and then transferred in to the cups to set in the fridge for a few hours:
When ready and to finish, I've topped with crushed meringue and some freeze-dried 
strawberry bits I found in Sainsburys.  Well done, Sainsburys.
I also made the mousse without the chocolate cups, straight into a small glass and 
layered by saving a little of the puree to mix in:

I recommend making and eating on the same day, mainly to keep the 'fluffiness'.
I'm off to console myself now.

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