Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Non-Traditional Trifle and a Wimbledon Warning

...and a little warning in advance of Monday, when I become Wimbledon obsessed and sit in 
front of the TV until the 7th July eating anything strawberry related.  I think things are going 
to be food-heavy around here, I hope that's OK? and I warn you now.  I can't wait.

If the weather today is anything to go by, we might be in for a sunny couple of tennis weeks, but then again, I've probably just jinxed all that.  Today, we had a BBQ and I made a trifle for dessert.
This is not a traditional trifle, but I don't deviate from the classic too much - I just don't include the sponge base.  As you may know, I am not the biggest fan of sponge, so I substitute with the help of caramel biscuits.

What I Used:
500g Ambrosia custard carton
4 strawberries
1 pack of strawberry jelly [135g]
8 Lotus biscuits
canned whipped cream
handful of flaked almonds

I bought this trifle bowl for £2.25 in Sainsburys.  £2.25 and I could not resist.  
Perfect size for around 4 servings [6 if you are being mean with your portion sizes]:
As this is a simple dessert to put together, I thought I'd make an effort with the decoration, so used 4 large strawberries , sliced them lengthways and arranged them around the bottom of the bowl:
 ...mixing up the jelly as instructed with hot and then cold water, I poured this in the the bowl
and left to set in the fridge for a couple of hours:

 ..holding the strawberries in place:
Next, I used my favourite feel-like-your-in-a-cafe-at-home biscuits, Lotus caramelised biscuits.  These are flaming awesome and wont go soggy and this is the selfish aspect of my trifle.  I love them.
I bashed them to pieces and then layered until the strawberries and jelly were covered:

Next, I used a carton of custard to make the next layer:
 ..and then literally went mad with the can of cream and almonds for the final layer and decoration:

Yum.  See you on Wimbledon Monday!

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