Friday, 28 June 2013

Strawberry and Lemon Meringue

As I continue to combine strawberries and meringue at any given opportunity, I decided to try something I have been wanting to since peppermint meringues of Christmas past - fruit flavoured meringue for ice-cream toppings, desserts and in my case, general snacking.

I used these little lovelies to flavour and I cannot tell you how well they kept the smell of lemon and strawberry as well as the taste.  v. impressed and much better than I thought it would be.

As always, I used a ratio of 1 egg white to 50g caster sugar for 2 people and whipped up my mixture.
 To create the two-tone, I  lined the crease of my piping bag with a generous amount of food colouring.
Keeping this in the piping bag without getting it everywhere else requires a little help, so if 
someone is to hand, tell them to stop laughing at you and get them to hold the bag at an angle that 
wont drip whilst you transfer the meringue mixture, then pipe your meringue in whatever form you like:
...pop into a low heat oven [around 65 degrees C] for a few hours to dry and voila.  
Lemon and Strawberry flavoured meringues - yum.
Perfect on their own, but I'll be back soon with some other ideas of how you can use these which mainly involve cream, icecream and strawberries.  

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