Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mini Strawberry Pavlova

Two weekends ago was Father's Day and as dessert was my responsibility, I made mine his favourite:
- Strawberry Pavlova -
...but to me, this is an ultimate Wimbledon essential and Wimbledon is the best excuse to make it.

I've made mine as individual portions, as I had to transport the dessert from my flat to my parents house, by foot.  No way would a large pavlova make it there in one piece.

I used exactly the same quantities as all my meringue-based dessert attempts [which in short is 1
egg white to 50g caster sugar - and this serves 2]:  whisking 3 egg whites until peaks form, adding
150g caster sugar in stages until fully combined, glossy and can withstand the upside-down-bowl-
over-your-head trick:
  I've used piping bags before to create neat little meringues, but as I wanted a thicker meringue,
I just transferred the mixture to a lined baking tray with a spoon.  Messy as you like:
To create the base, I used the largest cookie round I had to hand to use as my guide:
In to the oven for the afternoon [about 4 hours in total as I forgot about them briefly]
at the lowest heat possible.  This was approximately 65 degrees C:
Once finished in the oven, remove and leave to fully cool.  This will prevent them sticking to the
lined tray and means that they should come away easily.
To build the pavlova, I whipped up cream, which I transferred to a piping bag, as I couldn't help myself.  I lined the base with the cream:
...complete with pointless rose decoration...added the top [to ruin it]:
...topped with a little more cream:
...and added a quartered strawberry on top:
before ruining the aesthetics like this.
But in all honesty, this creates a little chocolate holder for the strawberries if you like to pick
apart your food, like me.  The strawberry pulls away from the chocolate easily
the little things in life, friends. The little things.

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