Thursday, 20 June 2013

Keeping Up In Touch

Hello!  I just wanted to post about the buttons that after a few hours of learning how to HTML code, I made and managed to publish on my blog without throwing my computer out of the window.  Also, I recently started using Google Analytics [which blows my mind] and wanted to say a really big hello and welcome to you all, from all over the World.  The Internet is pretty brilliant like that and I'm really happy to have you here.  I'd also love to know where you are coming here from and if you have a blog, please send me the link - I'm a blog-a-holic and love catching up each morning with my cup of coffee.

There are a few ways we can keep in touch, so I'd love to see you over on Twitter or Pinterest, email or you can follow this blog on bloglovin' - please come over and say Hi!

I'm working on the Instagram account...I'll get there, I know I will, but for the moment, I am more of a follower - so if you are on this, Vine, Vimeo or YouTube - send me a link! 

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