Sunday 10 December 2017

DIY Christmas | 4 Christmas Card Ideas

I've been making my own Christmas cards ever since I can remember.  My family get them every year, whether they like it/want them or not.
I thought I'd share 4 ideas, of varying ease and time resource if you're looking to make your own too.


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Sticker Quote
These are fun, quick and easy and can be personalised to the person you are giving the card too - use stickers to decorate with a quote from their favourite Christmas film or lyrics from their favourite song:
Available in a range of styles, sizes and colours - this is a great craft for all.
I also know that this range of stickers isn't the cheapest - but if you love them as much as me and can't find an alternative, shorter/one word decoration, such as 'peace', 'noel' and 'joy' looks just as great and will see the pack go further.

Glitter Decoration
A card and a small gift in one, these glitter decorations take a little more time, but have unlimited possibilities.
I picked up a wooden star decoration from HC and stuck glitter card to the front and back, before adding personalisation with small glitter stickers:
Punch a hole in the top of the card to thread the decoration through, or simply fix in place with some washi tape.

Paper Craft
This card is simple in its design but looks very impressive!  It includes a little more investment of time with a pretty and sparkly card as a result.
I used sticky backed vinyl for this DIY as it makes the whole process much easier.  I started with a rough outline of the wreath using a lid as my template and then drawing leaves around the outside and inside to create my outlines:
I then used a craft knife to cut the leaves first, leaving room at the base to then cut and join each leaf together, creating the wreath and to remove the shape as one whole piece:
Remove the backing to then fix in place on the card:
You could leave this as a blank wreath, add a bow or a simple work in the centre:

Confetti Shaker
The most time consuming of all the cards, this is a fun card that can be adapted to almost anything.
I love the imagery around snowy London in Winter, so used this as my inspiration for a snow globe card.  I used a lid to draw the globe, adding a base with pencil and a craft knife to neatly remove the section:
To create the 'shaker', cut two sections of plastic or clear sheet [I have many piping bags to hand, so I used this], slightly larger than the removed section of card [around a 1/2cm overlap will do and fix one to the back of the card:
Add any background, scenery or static elements to the second.  I layered pretty London stickers to create my scene - perfect as the buildings were simply black and white:
...with colour for the bus, taxi and telephone box.
Finally - adding the 'shaker' - whether you opt for glitter, confetti, sequins, fake snow or mini pompoms, place your shaker elements in the centre of your globe to ensure you don't add too much filling.
[For reference: I removed about 3/4 of this in the end!]

Now sandwich your two plastic sheets together with a generous helping of glue to ensure your 'shaker' elements don't fall out:
...and then fix in place behind the 'globe' cutting on the card:
Finally, I added a glitter card stand for the globe:
[FYI - this sticker range also has Paris and New York sets available - gorgeous].

Do you make your own cards? Please share!


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