Friday, 8 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Feather Tree Cones

As a Christmas DIY that has been in my drafts for years, I thought I'd actually make these pretty feather trees for 2017 [this is a bit of a New Years resolution for me - completing the ideas I've had in my drafts - so expect many a 2012-2016 themed/popular DIY over the next few months!].

I've got three slightly different versions to share - they are really easy, a great craft for in front of the TV and kids can get involved too.

Paper Mache Cones | Feathers | Hot Glue Gun | Glitter | Mod Podge | Craft Knife


I wanted to display my feather trees together, so opted for a little variation in the height of my trees, taking around 5cm off the bottom of one cone and 10cm from a second:
Although the intention is to cover the cones in feathers, there may be some gaps [particular towards the base of the cones] and rather than have the brown paper show through, I covered the lower third of the cones in a thin layer of mod podge and glitter [because I cannot help myself], using contrasting colours to the feathers:
To build your feather trees, begin from the base upwards, a line at a time to layer and space the feathers evenly:
[I used hot glue for speed and strength, but any strong glue or fixing, such as tape, will also work]

With each new line, I added the feathers at around 2/3 of the length of the previous layer and in the gap of the feathers to create the most coverage:
Continue layering until you reach the top of the cone. To create a neat finish, I trimmed the ends of the feathers and created a point:
If you feel the top is still a little messy, you can add a decoration, such as a pom pom or star to cover.

Repeat with your other cones, in which you can vary the spacing of the feathers or add further decoration: sequins, beading, garlands or glitter....these can be adapted easily to suit your decor and colour scheme.

Using the same technique, I created three variations with the type of feather used and the positioning.
I bought some white feathers [currently on offer here], which were very fluffy, smaller in size and dense in their coverage - this created a beautiful, wispy feather tree cone:
The more structured and flat grey feather was positioned so that the shape went in towards the cone and created a more streamline and controlled feather tree:
..and finally, using similar shaped feathers, I positioned them facing away from the cone, which created a more layered and traditional shape to the feather tree:
These different colours, styles and textures look great as a group, or can be decorative accents to areas of your home on their own.
This craft is one that definitely has you panicked half way through that you have gone completely off track - but keep with it - the more feathers you add, the more full your trees will become and the shape can be changed by adding your feathers at different angles.
Sorry about these photos - the sky was so, so grey - which although my aesthetic, does not help for blog photos!

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