Saturday, 23 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Brie & Cranberry Savoury Pastry Stars

We've made it - work is over [and if it isn't for you, I hope it is soon] and we can sit in the corner with our bucket of wine, family-sized tub of chocolate and watch TV without judgement.  In case you fancy something savoury with that, my final post before Christmas is this quick brie and cranberry pastry star snack.

Star Cutter | Puff Pastry | Brie | Cranberry Sauce | Egg Wash | Pastry Brush | Fork


This snack idea requires little time but looks festive and special, whether for you or your guests.
Using a star cutter [from this DIY], I cut 2 stars for each 'bite' of around 2 inches in size.
You can pretty much fill your star bite with whatever you want.  You don't need much filling - I opted and found the 1 teaspoon filling ratio to work best, so whether you are opting for a mincemeat filling, nuts, cinnamon mix, nutella, sausage & egg or any flavour that takes your fancy - give this amount a try - much easier to add to than take away!.. a little goes quite a long way in making these snacks.
Brush the outside edge with an egg wash and then place the second star on top.
Finally, press your stars together with a fork and add a few marks in the top to let any hot air escape. Pop in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes [keep an eye on them and remove when browned - maybe turn the tray too if one side seems to be browning quicker than the other]
Leave the stars to cool a little before serving - depending on your filling, you may also want to decorate the star - bacon would be really nice on top of these!
These are great snacks, additions to party food and a relaxing way to spend a bit of time in the kitchen.

That leaves me with wishing you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy, however you are spending it x


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