Thursday, 14 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Gemstone Letter Decorations

This is another perfect craft for sitting in front of a movie with and is a simple, quick, cheap but great decoration for either the tree, presents or around the home any time of year.  They're a bit over the top too, which you absolutely can get away with at this time of year.


Wooden Letter Shapes | Glitter | Mod Podge | Gemstones [eBay] | Thread


I started with wooden letters as my base with a view to have a few single present tags and the option to create words on the tree.

I didn't have too much room for elaborate detailed design, so I made a glitter base:
[brushing a thin layer of mod podge on the letter before covering in glitter]
If you find any of your letters have gone patchy, add a little more mod podge/glue and repeat.

To decorate, I used flat-backed gemstones [left over from this DIY], securing in place with mod podge - but you can buy adhesive gemstones [here], which will make this process even easier.
To ensure each gemstone was completely secure, I also added a bit more mod podge for good luck - a skewer/tooth pick really help with the small quantity needed and the small gemstones

Once completely dry, I added a loop for hanging at the top of each letter:
...and then you're ready to add them to presents:
...or to your Christmas decor:
My original plan was to also string beads to a length of thread and then secure to the outline of the letter with glue to add further detail.  Still might - but for now they look just as effective without:
You can apply this decoration to any shape - with the glue and weight of the beads/gemstones involved, I'd recommend a wooden base, but thick cardboard, which you can cut to any shape and size you want would also work too!

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