Thursday, 21 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Last Minute Plant Gift Wrap Idea

Last minute present gift inspiration needed? Christmas saved!


Poundland: Plant | Wrapping Paper | Ribbon | Scissors & Tape


I created a mini hamper for my Secret Santa which included this up-styled poundland plant.  In fact, everything used for this DIY was picked up there.  They make great table decorations, add to your home festive decor and also make great gifts.
This gift wrap is great if your plant doesn't come ready with a pot, or you don't have one to place the tree in to - simply roll the plastic bag down to the plant pot and stick in place with some tape [this will mean you can still water it without it leaking on to your paper:
To gift wrap the tree, you can use any wrapping paper, tissue paper or decorative paper you wish [you could even make your own!] - but I opted for a simple brown paper.

Cut a square of the paper - use the pot to roughly determine the measurements - around 2 times the length of the pot to each corner [it doesn't need to be exact and the paper can be folded to size]:
Simply bring each side of the paper to meet the pot [you can temporarily stick in place if it helps] and then fold each corner up in line with the tree, pressing the fold either side to help hold the paper in place.  Repeat with each corner in turn:
Tie a length of ribbon around the pot, as close to the top as you can and tie in a knot where you choose the 'front' of the plant to be:
To each corner in turn, fold the paper down, so that the point is in line with the bottom on the pot:
[if your paper is holding shape well, you make like the look without holding in place - create the style and finish that you like!] wrap more ribbon, or the remaining length of ribbon to hold the paper in place:
I finished with a mini bow.
You can also embellish the tree with mini decorations - pom poms, baubles, ribbons, bells - I opted for a quick and simple star.  If I had some fake snow spray, I might have used this too - you can choose based on the time you have and what craft supplies you have to hand.
These make great gifts, can be personalised and the wrap can be adapted to any size or shape of plant - and with just a few days to go, it won't break the bank either.


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