Friday, 1 December 2017

DIY Christmas | Pinecone Tree Terrarium

Happy 1st December!

I've got a slightly amended schedule throughout the month - join me every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday either on Instagram, Facebook or the blog for a new festive idea to make throughout the run up to Christmas.
I'm kicking off with a pinecone tree idea for a simple and stylish display that the kids can also get involved with.


Pinecones | Glitter | Mod Podge | Foam | Snow | Glue Gun | Skewers | White Paint [I used the can used in this DIY]


I used a large glass jar as my display, but any bowl, cloche or stand can be used.
Create a base with floral foam and if it's required, add some sticky dots or blue tac to the base to keep it sturdy and secure.
Cover this in wadding, fake snow, fake snowballs and/or glitter to create a snowy setting for the trees [you can also add smaller trees, decorative figures or scene details such as a bench or lamp post if you have them].
Using pinecones, left over from last weeks winter potpourri DIY [here], I created a snowy base, spraying each with a fine coat of white paint and sprinkle of white glitter:
I then added a skewer to the base of each with hot glue, varying the length of the skewer between the three:
To add a little sparkle, I then cut little cardboard glitter stars to add to the tops with more hot glue:
Finally, for detail and a little sparkle, I added a dry brush of mod podge to the pine cone tips before covering in gold, white and bronze glitter.
To help do this in the least messy way possible, I used some left over floral foam to act as a stand for adding the glue and drying - the skewer comes in very handy for keeping yourself mess-free whilst adding the glitter!
To display, add the trees through the 'snow' to the foam base, varying the height of each and adding enough space between so that each can be seen.
It adds some simple Wintery and Christmas decoration to the home and can be as sparkly as you like!

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